Sharing Our Passions

Now that we are into May, my spring fieldtrip season is in full swing. I'm teaching classes on wetlands, wildlife, plants, and ecology every week. It's a great time to introduce students to the changes in the environment around them as spring slowly drifts into summer. Often it amazes me what things are completely unfamiliar to them, such as willow flowers, crayfish, or salamanders. But it's also exciting to introduce them to things for the first time that I usually take for granted. Even though these students are with me for only a few short hours out of their entire academic childhood, sometimes it's enough to open new doorways for them and spur them into a lifelong love of nature.

Choices in Parenting

Last week I came across a video on Facebook of a father punishing his ten-year-old son by making him run to school. His child had been kicked off the bus for three days for bullying. There were a great number of comments on the video, some praising the father for posting the video as an example to other parents, while others criticized the father for bullying and humiliating his son by posting the video... Please click to read more...