Know Your Audience

Over the weekend, I had planned to go on a day trip to one of my favorite natural areas with my camera and the dog. Unfortunately, those plans were derailed but forces beyond my control, and so I spent my time catching up on some TV series that had been recommended to me. While watching pilot episodes through streaming websites, I became quite aware of differences in writing and presentation and the nuances of what I find to be enjoyable storytelling. A great deal of credit goes to actors and directors when it comes to film-based production, but I find that when it comes to my own preferences, it's the writers' work that either makes or breaks a show or movie.

Losing Focus

Growing up, I attended a week of church camp almost every summer. It was a vacation away from parents where I could make new friends and engage in outdoor activities that would otherwise have been unavailable to me. My fellow campers and I would encourage each other as we engaged in things like archery, rock climbing, spelunking, and canoeing. We also learned to work together through teambuilding challenges and low- and high-ropes courses. Of course there were also the typical Bible studies, daily devotions, and evening vespers services that you would expect from a church camp, but with energetic camp counselors leading these activities, they never felt boring... Please click the title to continue reading...