Holiday Frenzy

Holidays can be an overly busy time with little wiggle room to relax and take care of oneself. There are social events and associated preparations to be made on top of typical work and home life. For those inclined to creative pursuits, we run short on free time. Long-term projects often get put on hold, but sometimes smaller projects pop up in the way of making gifts or helping others with their own giving.

For me, writing gets pushed to the back burner while music, photography, and sometime sketching/painting takes up more of my hours. Those of you following me on Twitter may have noticed that I am creating a new educational poster at work. This is one of the few times of year when I can pursue such projects as most of my other duties have slackened off for the time being. It helps me relax and the tedious, repetitive aspects of drawing forestscapes have turned into a mindless task, leaving my mind free to think about other things (like what I need to get done at home before the next holiday event).

Not everyone has the opportunity to do mindless tasks at work. For some, their jobs become even busier as they push to meet deadlines shortened by office holiday closures and vacation time. Time management turns into a pursuit of efficiency and packing as many tasks into a shortened period as possible. The only consolation is that this crazy increase in activity only lasts for a few weeks. And then it’s all over, and life returns to normal.

For some it may be tempting to keep up the hectic activity levels, turning energy previously expended on the holidays onto those creative pursuits we prefer. But we also need to learn to relax again. Trying to do too much can result in burnout, and so don’t hesitate to take some time for self-care once the holiday franticness is over.

My own plans include curling up with multiple books on my growing list of recommended readings and hopefully some time for non-work related art. I will continue with photography and writing of course, but knowing what work I’ll be doing starting in January, I know I’ll want projects and pursuits a little less depended on technology and a little more able to travel with me.

With next Monday being Christmas Eve, I will not be posting then. I hope all of you celebrating the holiday find peace and joy in it and create new memories you will cherish in years to come.


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