Please Drive Safe!

I’m going to keep this post short and simple, because the message here is simple and straight-forward. I can go months without coming across a single vehicular accident anywhere along my commutes. But in the past seven days, I have come across four of them, all along major roadways and rendering traffic backed up for hours. This past week was free of snow or freezing rain on the days of the wrecks. Two of the incidents involved shifting and/or unsecured loads.

It’s easy to remember caution when road conditions and visibility are poor, but please remember to pay equal attention when conditions are good. Rain and snow melt can wash gravel onto roadways. Sun on snow can cause unexpected glare on windshields where usually there is none. Good-weather days can result in more traffic than usual as people run errands they were forced to put on hold due to winter weather events. Spring may seem like it’s just around the corner, but we still have to deal with winter road conditions now. And no matter the time of year, you should always double-check any loads you’re hauling.

Please stay safe out there!



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