Finding Your Own Philosophy

Regardless of what political views or moral codes you subscribe to, most people hold an idealized concept of how they think the world would work if everyone held the same beliefs and lived by the same rules. Some people strive to make those ideals a reality. They engage in protests. They participate in letter-writing campaigns. They attempt to teach as many people as they can about their philosophies. These can be good things that bring about positive changes in our world, and yet we often see in the media how these actions polarize people into "us v them."

Choices in Parenting

Last week I came across a video on Facebook of a father punishing his ten-year-old son by making him run to school. His child had been kicked off the bus for three days for bullying. There were a great number of comments on the video, some praising the father for posting the video as an example to other parents, while others criticized the father for bullying and humiliating his son by posting the video... Please click to read more...

Rebooting This Blog

I had originally wanted to reboot this blog last October/November (2017), but just as I was finding time to devote to it, the Las Vegas shooting occurred. I didn't want to start uploading posts during such a time of political and social chaos. Now when I've found time once again, we've had the Florida school shooting... Please, click to read more.