Rebooting This Blog

I had originally wanted to reboot this blog last October/November (2017), but just as I was finding time to devote to it, the Las Vegas shooting occurred. I didn’t want to start uploading posts during such a time of political and social chaos. Now when I’ve found time once again, we’ve had the Florida school shooting…

It’s hard to come up with anything decent or important to say when people are so focused on events that bring up the polarizing debates over gun control, security, and mental health. I have no answers for these issues, but I do hope to make people think with this blog, so now I will offer the following response to the school shooting in Florida…

Columbine happened in 1999, and we’ve had numerous tragic shootings since then. At the same time, we’ve lived with guns for centuries and assault-style weapons for decades (mobsters movies with tommy guns?). So what has happened in society and the raising of our children that such violent attacks as seen in these shootings has become a viable option for dealing with problems? There were a few school shootings before Columbine, but nothing on the same scale of planning and execution.

Everyone wants to talk about gun control and restricting access to weapons, but why does no one seem to talk about these individuals committing these acts? If you prevent them from getting guns, what will they try instead? Gun control does not take away their mindsets or the feelings that fuel their violent acts. Unless and until these issues are addressed, they will still be dangerous. Terrorists use means other than guns to cause fear and death, so why do so many Americans seem to think gun control will stop the violence brought upon our schools and students?


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