Creating Through the Summer

Summer can be a busy time for many people. Between graduation parties, vacations, cookouts, and other outdoor adventures, time spent indoors and at home decreases as the weather warms. This may mean that time for creative pursuits gets usurped by social activities, but for me, I find myself with more opportunities to work on projects.

Most trips outdoors provide opportunities for photography. While I won’t take my camera out in the pouring rain, drizzles and misty afternoons between storms can create beautiful landscapes and macro shots. Sunny days make the forest floor glow, and early mornings and dusky evenings bring out wildlife not seen during the hours of summer heat.

When I can’t get away from home, summer weather can also allow me a chance to take my laptop outside for writing and story editing. Sometimes I’ll take larger painting projects outdoors where I have more room to spread out my materials. Outdoor work areas are also great if I am doing some sort of woodwork or furniture project. Less fumes from paints and stains allows me to work longer, and more room to move around means I work faster too. There are always benefits to leaving the confines of my house.

I’ve written before on time management and taking your creative pursuits seriously if you wish them to become more than a simple hobby. Summer is a great time to reinforce your boundaries and convictions. While friends and neighbors go on vacation, take the opportunity to schedule your personal work time when you know they’ll unable to interrupt your creative endeavors. Don’t be afraid to schedule a working vacation for yourself where you can exercise your creativity at your leisure and without the distractions of work, family, or friends. This type of vacation can be at home or you can visit someplace where you hope to boost your inspiration. (I have a love of bags and boxes that I use specifically to store and transport my art and writing supplies.)

Summer may be busy, but at the same time, it provides opportunities too. No matter how you choose to express yourself, don’t hesitate to expand your work area and change up your surroundings. Warm weather is perfect for getting creative with your environment as well as spending more time with your projects. So don’t let the summer heat lull you into lazy relaxation. Instead, let it fuel your creative pursuits.


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