Another Weekend, Another Convention

I’ve just come back from another convention weekend, and once again, the timing of this event fell into the perfect place to help me handle life’s stresses. But one thing about this con which makes it better than previous ones is the friends I’ve made. Some of those friends I knew prior to the con, but others I met there. And coming back home, we all are riding the energy of the three-day party and continuing the fun.

Social media is a wonderful tool for helping people connect and stay connected when distance separates them in the physical world. Most of my convention friends live in other states (those in-state are still far away) and trying to meet up can become a challenge. Conventions help set dates and locations for potential future meet-ups, but they’re not a guarantee. Keeping in touch online, however, allows us to share with those who can’t make it to specific events and make sure they remain in the loop of support and excitement.

For me specifically, this loop is important as I head back to work. (It seems like every time I come home from a convention, my job duties change in some way, not always to my benefit.) Getting to interact with the guests at conventions helps boost my mental fortitude, but it’s having friends who share similar interests, humor, and opinions that really make the weekend an escape. And the conversations which continue afterward help me to deal with any unwanted and unexpected surprises that may pop up when I get home.

So thanks to my convention friends, and thanks to the actors and storytellers who have brought us together through mutual interests. I can’t wait to see all of them again and meet even more people.


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