Holiday Frustrations

I don’t know what to write this week. At this point in the holiday season, I become frustrated and irritable as time grows short for me to complete preparations for various events and celebrations. My schedule is restricted by too much to do and not enough time for myself. Innocent questions can set me off, especially when they’re paired with suggestions of “you should do (insert action) before (insert x from my schedule)” which conflict with my sense of priorities and responsibilities. Worse are the requests for help after the frequent “Are you doing anything right now? This will only take a minute.” (Two hours later and covered in pine sap, I finally get back to what I had scheduled for my “free time.”)

So rather than making this a long post that turns into nothing more than I bitchfest, I plan to leave off here for the week. My apologies that I have nothing constructive to say or advice to give.

I plan to get back to serious writing and other personal projects after January 1st. Querying will have to wait until the New Year too. Hopefully I’ll have something better for next week.


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