Plans for a Better Year

For those of you who read my previous post, I would like to report that my mental state is somewhat better this week but still not back to normal. I spent most of the previous week working on presentation and demonstration materials for my day job for an event that has me lowkey excited. It’s a new event, and it’s always nice when my office is asked to participate in such things. However, the thing that boosted my mood the most as far as home life is concerned was buying new a new calendar and yearly planner. These seem like such simple things, but being able to look forward to the year ahead helps. Even if I’m still afraid that the same old habits and issues will repeat long into 2020, I can at least start planning my own goals and marking them down in a way which will feel more concrete than locking them away in my phone’s calendar. Taking the time to physically write down events, deadlines, and personal goals using a pen in a physical calendar makes them feel immoveable in a way that an electronic calendar does not.

Because I’m still not feeling 100% myself, I’m going to leave this post short and simple for the same reason as last week. I don’t want it to devolve into a whiny bitchfest or something with the potential to drag others down too. But if you’re feeling the same as I am, where the coming year is in danger of turning into the same old, destructive routine as seen in the previous year, then I encourage you to try changing up how you keep track of your goals and desires for the year. Find a fun planner, calendar, or notebook which relates to something you find uplifting or simply puts you in a good mood, and use it to help you schedule time for yourself and the year you wish to live.


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